About ABEPO. ABEPO company has been operating on the market since 2010. We are a group of experienced safety technicians and FP technicians with expertise in risks prevention pursuant to Act No. 309/2006 Sb. We operate in Pilsen and the Pilsen Region, but also in Central Bohemia and Prague. In the areas of OSH and FP we have many years of experience. Nevertheless, we focus on continuous upgrading of our skills and expanding of our expertise, which is crucial even for the most experienced safety engineer to be able to keep up with the constantly changing legislation. We are members in professional groups:
Czech Chamber of
OSH and FP
Shared Vision Business for Breakfast
At present, we provide outsourced OSH services in dozens of small and larger organizations ranging from administration through education, trade and manufacturing companies to farms.
We have a sophisticated system of documentation required by applicable legislation,which we implement in our clients´ companies, or provide custom-tailored documentation elaborated to meet the needs of a particular company with the possibility of subsequent maintenance and updating.
Our added value to clients includes: expertise, competence, professionalism, experience, pragmatism and objectivity, up-to-datedness, speed and dedication, responsibility, integrity, openness and flexibility.
Our company symbol is the meerkat (or suricate) as a model of both individual and teamwork consisting in vigilance and experience and working for the safety of the entire community. Our credos are "Safety with reason" and "Viribus Unitis".
The first reflects the fact that occupational health and safety and fire protection are not only about simple interpretation of legislation, but also about the need to use common sense. The second (translated as “by combined forces") expresses the fact that the OSH and FP cannot be provided well without both active cooperation and collaboration with the client - vertical link - and cooperation among several specialists in their respective fields (e.g., a specialist in the prevention of risks, FP , inspection technicians etc.) - horizontal link. These might be little things, but it is the little things that make a great difference in our areas of work...

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address: Částkova 818/76,
           326 00 PLZEŇ

phone: +420 777 669 310

e-mail: info@abepo.cz

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