Full range of services in the field of occupational health and safety and fire protection: 

Outsourcing in the area of OSH

Outsourcing in the area of FP

Consultancy services 

Elaboration and Administration of documentation 

Employee training

Provision of checks and inspections

Activity of an OSH coordinator at building sites

Representation before supervisory authorities


  • Outsoucing of tasks performed by a competent person to prevent risks in the form of a contract according to the size of organization at a price from CZK 400 / month;
  • Outsoucing of tasks performedby a competent person to protect against fire in the form of a contract according to the size of organization at a price from CZK 400 / month;
  • staff training - both general and specialized, basic and regular (statutory and other regulations, occasional company car drivers, working at height, working with a chainsaw and a brush cutter, operation of motor trucks etc.);
  • providing required inspections, checks and tests (electrical, pressure, gas, lifting equipment, inspection of machinery and equipment, technical inspections of motor trucks etc.);
  • elaboration of prescribed OSH and FP documentation (risk assessment, guidelines for OSH and FP management, training guidelines and curriculum, local operating safety regulations, classification of activities under fire hazards etc.);
  • representing client’s organization during inspections performed by supervisory authorities (Regional Labour Inspectorate, Fire Brigade, Regional Health Ofiice, Czech Institute of Technical Inspection);
  • activities of OSH coordination at building sites in accordance with the requirements of Act No. 309/2006 Sb. both in the preparatory and implementation phase of the construction project;
  • other activities related to OSH and FP.


  • we guarantee that our prices are among the lowest in the business, especially those for above- standard services;
  • the prices depend on the volume and scope of services and each price offer is calculated for each client individually. The prices listed are of an informative character;
  • the prices of training depend on the number of trainees and the field of activity (risk level).
  • The informative price list for the most common training activities and also for the services of an OSH coordinator at building sites is available for download. A number of listed training topics are part of the standard contract and our clients are not charged for such training. An individual price quotation is provided upon request.


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